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Accurately Calculating Annual Debt Service in Excel

January 09, 2024

Annual debt service is a foundational calculation for financial statement spreading and evaluating small business loans. Much like other key calculations, getting annual debt service right is...

6 Tips for Bank Financial Statement Analysis in Excel

June 29, 2023

Credit unions and banks that use Excel for financial statement analysis have likely encountered the common pitfalls of the application: overwritten templates, broken formulas, and lack of...

Optimize Your Loan Risk Analysis Process

June 23, 2023

Small business lending is a numbers game, but when it comes to managing risk, there are subjective aspects of the process that go beyond the borrower’s cash flow and debt service coverage ratio...

Essential Excel Formulas for Financial Analysts and Underwriting

May 18, 2023

Loan analysts use Excel nearly every day. Many learned the formulas, functions, and how to set up spreads on their own, asking colleagues or searching the internet for help. Even with their hands-on...

How to Quickly Calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio [Guide for Banks]

October 07, 2022

A good debt service coverage ratio analysis is the primary factor in demonstrating a business’s ability to meet its debt obligations. To complete a debt service analysis, lenders calculate the debt...

Normalizing Unusual Financial Statements

July 19, 2021

When looking at a 3-year spread, what do you do if one of the statements is a substantial outlier? How can you establish a reasonable expectation of ability to repay? We know that past performance is...