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FISCAL is focused on small community banking software solutions. For over thirty years, our products have delivered standardization and efficiency to banks and credit unions across the country. We understand how you work.
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How to Find the Right Credit Risk Software for Your Institution

December 20, 2022

Today’s banks have a wide selection of options when it comes to loan origination and credit risk software. Community banks and credit unions are seeking software that’s going to make the process less...

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How to Make Tax Return Analysis More Efficient for Lenders

December 06, 2022

Tax returns are an essential tool for analyzing the financial health of a small business and better understanding cash flow. While there is a wealth of information within these forms, tax returns...

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5 Exception Tracking Best Practices to Track More Efficiently

November 29, 2022

If there’s one constant in tracking, it’s that the specifics of what is tracked changes from customer to customer. What exceptions are tracked and how they’re tracked can even vary between officers...

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4 Features Your Financial Statement Analysis Software Must Have

November 11, 2022

Small banks and credit unions face a challenge as they grow–how to scale financial statement analysis as the bank’s portfolio expands. While growth clearly shows you’re doing something right, you...

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How to Quickly Calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio [Guide for Banks]

October 07, 2022

A good debt service coverage ratio analysis is the primary factor in demonstrating a business’s ability to meet its debt obligations. To complete a debt service analysis, lenders calculate the debt...

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Normalizing Unusual Financial Statements

July 19, 2021

When looking at a 3-year spread, what do you do if one of the statements is a substantial outlier? How can you establish a reasonable expectation of ability to repay? We know that past performance is...

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Benefits of a Tickler System Software

May 06, 2021

Because so many of our clients were keeping up with ticklers in Excel prior to switching over to FISCAL TRACKING, we sometimes have a tendency to focus on how Excel might be Slowing down your...

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How FISCAL Helped Banks and Credit Unions During COVID-19

March 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people run their businesses indefinitely. Not only have we had to get used to new restrictions, working conditions, and hours, but we’ve also had to find...

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Global Cash Flow Analysis: How to Get it Right

February 18, 2021

When it comes to small business lending, you already know that conducting a global cash flow analysis is a must. These businesses may not cash flow sufficiently on their own, so you have to know how...

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