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How to Calculate CFADS: Cash Flow Available for Debt Service

October 31, 2023

What Is Cash Flow Available for Debt Service (CFADS)

CFADS, also commonly called cash available for debt service (CADS), is the amount of funds available to pay for a business’s debt obligations. It...

What Is a Tickler System and How Do I Use It In Excel?

September 20, 2023

For decades, banks and credit unions have used tickler systems to manage commercial lending accounts and ensure they are staying on top of documentation. Once done on paper and kept in filing...

6 Tips for Bank Financial Statement Analysis in Excel

June 29, 2023

Credit unions and banks that use Excel for financial statement analysis have likely encountered the common pitfalls of the application: overwritten templates, broken formulas, and lack of...

Banking Software Solutions: Core Systems and Lending Software

June 05, 2023

“Digital transformation” is a popular buzzword today, referring to the efforts companies are making to connect all digital parts of the business seamlessly. The goals of a digital transformation are...

When You Should Transition to Financial Spreading Software

March 30, 2023

Transitioning to financial spreading software is a big step for community banks and credit unions. Before making the switch, they must consider need, benefits and cost. In our experience, banks and...

5 Ways Credit Union Lending Software Optimizes Loan Processing

February 21, 2023

Including member business lending in your credit union's offerings comes with added responsibility. Credit unions must adhere to regulations and undergo a higher level of scrutiny from examiners when...

What to Look for in Loan Tracking Software | The Top 5 Features

January 24, 2023

Credit unions and community banks commonly use Microsoft Excel for tracking loan covenants and financial documents, while some banks prefer to perform tracking tasks using the bank’s core system. The...

5 Exception Tracking Best Practices to Track More Efficiently

November 29, 2022

If there’s one constant in tracking, it’s that the specifics of what is tracked changes from customer to customer. What exceptions are tracked and how they’re tracked can even vary between officers...

Benefits of a Tickler System Software

May 06, 2021

Because so many of our clients were keeping up with ticklers in Excel prior to switching over to FISCAL TRACKING, we sometimes have a tendency to focus on how Excel might be Slowing down your...