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FISCAL Forward Launch Advances Financial Statement Spreading Efficiency

Posted by Fiscal on September 01, 2023

For more than 30 years, FISCAL has provided easy-to-use and reliable credit analysis tools to community banks and credit unions, helping them streamline their financial statement spreading and tickler tracking. Today, we’re announcing the launch of FISCAL Forward, the latest version of our spreading software. The release offers new features and capabilities aimed at further streamlining financial statement spreading, reporting, credit memos and other underwriting tasks.

“FISCAL has always been focused on meeting the needs of community banks and credit unions.  FISCAL Forward provides the tools lenders need to get their job done quickly and efficiently,” said Barry Brinson, President & CEO. “New features like a streamlined interface, enhanced flexibility, and expanded functionality for loan review and renewals will help credit analysts and loan officers save time, reduce errors, and free them up to develop relationships and grow the bank’s portfolio.”

FISCAL Forward is the seventh generation of the spreading software and builds upon the advancements of FISCAL 10, previously released in 2017. The upgrade has two purposes–first to provide better functionality and ease-of-use to our customers. Second, is to strengthen the behind-the-scenes aspects of the software to ensure security and a stable foundation upon which to continue building for years to come.

Here is what’s new in the FISCAL Forward release:

  • Enhanced, modern user interface providing a clean, intuitive user experience.
  • Improved efficiency in Spreading Financials with new templates, the ability to move, re-sort and add rows, and flexibility to assign multiple spreads to people or businesses.
  • Maintains FISCAL’s familiar, intuitive look and feel with the features you’ve come to expect in a comprehensive spreading tool.
  • Expanded Loans functionality natively integrates your process for renewals and reviews on Existing Loans, as well as underwriting Proposed Loans.
  • Streamlined Reports tool enhances FISCAL’s powerful analysis and makes it easier than ever to get exactly what you want with just a few clicks.

“We believe FISCAL Forward is a great balance between keeping the much-loved features that cause people to choose FISCAL in the first place, while adding new features and streamlining that will make spreading and financial analysis even more efficient,” said Carrie DeAntonio, Product and Development Manager. 

Here at FISCAL, we’re excited about the new release and are happy to give you a closer look. If you’d like a demo of FISCAL Forward, reach out to schedule an appointment.